When Zwift saves the day…

In januari I had the flu, thankfully a “garden variety” type but I was nonetheless pretty much wiped out for two weeks. In the recovery phase I decided to follow Annemieke’s example and I bought a Wahoo Kickr Core with a Zwift subscription. More flexibility to train I figured.

Two months later I am now incredibly thankful for that purchase. Because here we are, in a situation of isolation due to the Corona Virus crisis. Not in a full lock down, but we’re being smart about it anyway. We stay home as much as possible.

This means that things can be challenging. Trying keep the kids happy ánd get some work done… oh my Night-times are now the only moments left for relaxation and training. To me both can be found in the same activity: cycling.

Training to keep fit has a double meaning now. And as I found out, startionairy training doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Or lonely…

Zwift Three Sisters

Yesterday we rode together

Yes, an ultimate form of “social distancing”: a virtual ride-along. Annemieke created a “stay together ride” in Zwift for the three of us. Basically this means that everyone can ride their own pace, without dropping anyone. Zwift saves the day.

Zwift Three Sisters

We did most of the “Three Sisters” of Watopia (kind of fitting for our first virtual ride together). And the best part of it all was, we had a Discord channel open at all times. So we could ride and talk at the same time. It was a brilliant mix of catching up and riding.

So much fun, we already planned the next ride next week.

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