In stead of indoor cycling…

Last week Annemieke wrote about training indoors during the winter. About how Zwift gives her the much needed distraction and challenge to keep training.

I’m trying peer-pressure myself: going to a Wattbike center for a group training indoor. The commitment of going every week (or be missed and rediculed), is a good one for me. I love how smart the Wattbike is and how many details I can review after the workout. I’m not a pro, not aspire to be one, I just love numbers and charts and stuff. The training helps me optimise my stroke and I pushed to train the zones I’m not so good at. In januari I have my next FTP test, can’t wait to see progress. Anyway…

My live isn’t flexible enough to manoeuvre about the scheduling of the Wattbike center though, so I try to complement my training with Crossfit® and ofcourse… by riding outdoors. I mean that’s the whole point of cycling isn’t it? The outdoors…

But I don’t care much for rain either… especially when it’s cold. You know what they say though…? There’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s just bad clothing. Of course… they are right. So, what can you do?

My dress-code for piss-poor weather:

  • Normal mtb shoes
  • Sealskin waterproof socks
  • Sportful Fiandre Norain Light bibtights (water-repellant, windproof)
  • Born Protect Oil for legs, arms, shoulders and lower back
  • Synthetic thermal base-layer long sleeve (I like Merino only in summer)
  • Depending on temperature a short sleeve synthetic first layer and / or sleeveless fleece vest
  • Castelli Alpha ROS jacket with Rapha Lightweight Rain Gilet option for drizzle
  • or Gore Wear Alp X rain coat for for really bad rain
  • A windproof under-helmet hat
  • A buff neck-cover
  • Windproof, water-repellant mittens, with inners for extreme cold

Oh.. and a fender doesn’t hurt either 😉

Edit: as on februari I decided to stop Wattbiking and buy a Wahoo Kickr Core too. Training on Zwift in the end was much nicer and more flexible than going to the studio every week on a fixed time. With the Corona crisis that followed, all gyms where closed, so having a Wahoo at home was a blessing.

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